About event

Brand Management 2018 will focus on the thorny subject of "post-truth" era and its impact on marketing and branding. The media space is full of blabbering and obvious lies and it erodes the general belief in fact-based decision-making. When people do not believe what media claim, why should they believe what your brand is communicating?

Brands are based on trust. How can you keep it in these conditions?

What is Brand Management?

The largest industry meeting of all who believe a brand means much more than a graphic symbol. It is an ideal platform for exchanging views and sharing current trends among senior marketing and communication managers who are interested in how to further develop and manage brands.

Whom is Brand Management for?

The conference is intended for anyone who believes in the power of brands and their value for business, society, communities and individual consumers. Due to the strategic importance of brands, the previous years have always had high attendance (approx. 400 participants), with a significant portion of the audience being top executives, directors, board members, or business owners.