Why Attend?

Tradition: We aren't newcomers. Brand Management is the largest conference on brands in the Czech Republic organised since 2000 by Blue Events. 

Get-together: Here you can meet all the important people. It's the perfect platform for exchanging ideas and sharing current trends among company owners, CEO's, CMO's and senior brand and marketing managers, who want to manage their brands better. Face to face meeting has never had a bigger valu ethan in the post-pandemic world.

Mission: We believe that strong brands are the key to successful business. Each year features case studies from successful local brands and global marketing stars as a Keynote Speakers. Among them in the past were Thomas Barta, Dave Trott, Peter Field, Jenni Romaniuk, Ken Segall, Rita Clifton, Jim Stengel, Sean Pillot de Chenecey and many others.

I had such a great time at this conference. The audience was welcoming, enthusiastic and receptive, and the organising team made me feel at home. The program covered such a wide range of areas, it was exciting to be part of it all. I also have such a fond memories of Prague. Thank you to all involved. Highly recommend.
Jenni Romaniuk, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

I admire your power! Hold on!
Thomas Barta, the Author of The Power of a Marketing Leader

The topic for 2021: Dare to … Kickstart Your Marketing

After a tough year, we are organizing the Brand Management conference again. Why? We want to  to give courage to all of you who believe in the value of marketing and its benefits for companies and customers.

We all need new energy, to breathe fresh air again after months in lockdowns. Marketing budgets suffered, now is the time to take them back. Will show how smart marketing contributes to market success. Do you think it's enough to just communicate what others in the company have come up with? If your answer is no, let's practise the real marketing that cannot be cut. Show everyone that it pays off to invest in unmistakable brands, great products and services right now. Kickstart your marketing!

How was the last year?

I liked the program was focused on facts and especially towards customers and their reality.

Thank you it was possible to meet at all.

Atmosphere great, keynote inspiring, LEGO was the best of!

Thank you for not giving up!

It worked very well!

Who attends?

Due to the strategic importance of brands, the conference is usually attended by senior managers, directors, board members and business owners. The attendance is usually around 500 participants. Take a look at the past events participation analysis.