Brand Management 2022

October 19, 2022 – Cubex Centrum, Prague

Why Attend?

Tradition: We aren't newcomers. Brand Management is the largest conference on brands in the Czech Republic organised since 2000 by Blue Events. We sustained the tradition even during the pandemic. Ready to lead your brands forward? Join us this year!

Get-together: Here you can meet all the important people. Every year more than 400 senior marketers attend.  It's the perfect platform for exchanging ideas and sharing current trends among company owners, CEO's, C-level managers and senior brand and marketing managers. Face to face meeting has never had a bigger value.

Mission: We want to improve marketers capabilities and leverage the role of marketing as a competence of any organisation. Strong brands are after all the key to successful business. Each year features case studies from successful local brands and global marketing stars such as Thomas Barta, Dave Trott, Peter Field, Jenni Romaniuk, Ken Segall, Rita Clifton, Jim Stengel, Dan White and many others.

How was the last year?

I am in the 3rd year, it is another important contact for me – the diversity of topics, the effects of market changes, changes in terms of advertising, the development of the skills of marketers, etc.

Everything went well, thanks!

I was absolutely fascinated by the level of the mobile application, its connection with the program, voting, notifications about news and opportunities to have fun on the spot and in general, everything fit together and I leave really satisfied! Thank you and I wish you many similarly successful events.

The presentations were great, each different, making perfect use of the entire screening space.

The topic for 2022 is… CZech In: First Class Marketing

What are we good at in the Czech Republic and how we can sell it. That's the topic the 23rd Brand Management conference. Briefly said, "CZech In: First Class Marketing".

Doing marketing well means succeeding in the market. How are we doing here it the Czech Republic? Can we sell our products and services well? Can Czech brands succeed abroad? What can we build on and what do we need to improve at?

We have something to be proud of. There are innovators among us who can do little "added value". You can do great things from a small country. During our presidency of the European Union, let's look together for the Czech way to growth and competitiveness. Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from the best instead. Right now, we need to strengthen the key competence of Czech companies – real marketing, which cannot be cut!

Who is the keynote speaker?

Orlando Wood

Chief Innovation Officer, System1 Group

He is currently one of the most influential authorities in the field of effective advertising. He is the author of the landmark books Lemon and Look Out, published by the British IPA. According to Orlando, a key competence has been disappearing from business in recent years of technological development: the ability to build great brands. Today's advertising is too left-brained and stops working in terms of attention, memory and efficiency. He advises what mistakes to avoid and what to focus on so that your brand goes against this current and is successful in the long term.

More about the keynote speaker here.

 Who attends?

What was said about Brand Management?

I admire your power! Hold on!

Thomas Barta, the Author of The Power of a Marketing Leader

I had such a great time at this conference. The audience was welcoming, enthusiastic and receptive, and the organising team made me feel at home. The program covered such a wide range of areas, it was exciting to be part of it all. Highly recommend.

Jenni Romaniuk, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science