Brand Management 2019 will focus on “How to grow in new conditions” and present a consistent roadmap for brands.

For the very first time, Professor Jenni Romaniuk, International Director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, is coming to the Czech Republic. Rated as the best brand management research center, the Institute based in Australia works closely with world's leading brands: Anheuser-Busch InBev, Brown-Forman, Coca-Cola, Disney Destinations, Facebook, Goodyear, Google, GSK, KFC, Kraft Heinz Company, Mars, MediaCom, Nestle, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble , Publicis Media, Raiffeisen, Red Bull, Unilever and many others.

Prof. Romaniuk is a co-author of the new bible of marketers How Brands Grow (part 1 and 2). This book has shaken the industry and is a compulsory reading for those who are serious about the brand. It builds on new knowledge of shopping behavior and meaning of brands. It offers a comprehensive roadmap for brand growth and marketing productivity. It is based on proven rules of marketing beeing based on long-term robust analyzes across markets and categories. In her latest book Building Distinctive Brand Assets, Jenni further develops the topic of mental availibility.

Get ready for new conditions!

Brands have to strengthen their position today and perform strongly at all touchpoints. They are facing new challenges that can weaken them.

There are new competitors like start-ups full of ideas and new energies, local heroes often bringing new, authentic brands. New consumers emphasize authenticity and sustainability, refuse globalization and its manifestations, including corporations and their brands. We need to take into account new, digital tools and new distributors in the form of expansion of e-commerce including global market places like Amazon or Alibaba. Last but not least, there are new employees emphasizing the sense of life-work balance and having a slightly lower loyalty to their employer.

What is Brand Management?

The biggest Czech meeting of all who believe a brand is far more than a graphic symbol. It is an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and sharing current trends among senior brand and marketing managers who are interested in further developing and managing brands.

Who is Brand Management for?

Due to the strategic importance of brands, the previous years had a high attendance (around 400 participants) of top managers, directors, board members and business owners representing a significant part of the audience. Take a look at the analysis of the participation in 2017 and 2018.