Bronislav Kvasnička

CEO of Wunderman Thompson Prague, reveals the relationship between inspiration and brand growth. The inspirational brand is actually not only more resistant to tactical competition, but people are even willing to pay extra for them. Do you know what are the most inspiring brands in the Czech Republic?

Martin Dulava

Co-founder of Lineart, a strategic marketing agency. Since the beginning in 1993, he has been engaged in strategic brand building and packaging design in Central and Eastern Europe with a team of more than 50 members. His motto is, "We don't do a design that just wants to win awards. We create the strategy and visual identity of brands to deliver positive business results." Proof of this approach is, for example, the introduction of the novelty „Republica Božkov“. Martin and his team are also behind the successful revitalization of Albert chain in the area of shopping experience at the point of sale, external and internal visual identity, as well as the new architecture of Albert's own brands, their redesign and also the launch of the Albert online channel „Home delivery free of charge“.

David Vejtruba

For the second year, David is the Marketing Director of Savencia Fromage & Dairy for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is in charge of brands such as Král sýrů, Lučina, Liptov, Sedlčanský, Apetito, Pribiňáček or Bambino, as well as of the development of new products and overall marketing communication. Prior to that, he worked eight years as the Marketing Director at Solvent ČR. He was in charge of stores management and communication of the chains Drogerie Teta, Top Drogerie, Teta pharmacy network and sLéky.cz. He focused on the strategy of private labels, loyalty systems and overall long-term strategy of the company. He also worked in similar positions at Nutricia.

Dan White

A marketing and insights innovator. His frameworks and visualisations have influenced generations of marketers and are built into the world’s leading brand measurement, media evaluation and copy-testing systems.

In a career spanning three decades within WPP, Dan has helped build and tune the engines behind some of the world’s most famous marketing measurement tools including BRANDZ and Link copy testing. Dan splits his time between client consultancy, training, platform speaking, illustration and writing. He is the author of ‘The Smart Marketing Book’ and the ‘The Soft Skills Book’.

Title of his presentation at Brand Management conference is: Marketers, Start Your Engines! As organisations emerge, slightly battered, from the pandemic, it’s up to marketers to take pole position and seize a turbo-charged opportunity for growth.

Consumers in their millions are eager to live life to the full, spending cash on whatever they missed the most during lock-down and, with interest rates at such low levels, it’s the perfect time for companies to crank up their investment in marketing and reap the rewards.

So, marketers, start your engines. It’s time to fuel up, get back on the starting grid and get off to a flying start! In his keynote, Dan White will use his trademark illustrations and entertaining style to highlight the big marketing opportunity and provide inspiration and guidance for anyone who is up for the race.

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Marek Dvořák

In August of this year he joined Alza.cz as the Marketing Director after gaining experience from Japanese brewing holding, Asahi. He has more than 15 years of marketing practice in strategic building of strong consumer brands, such as Pilsner Urquell, on the Czech market and abroad. His aim is to bring as many new customers as possible to Alza's innovative products not only in existing but also new markets.

Vladimír Komjati

He has been head of the Communication department at Air Bank for the third year. He started his career at Air Bank seven years ago as a spokesman. He gradually took responsibility for communication on social networks and internal communication of Air Bank. He joined Air Bank in 2012 from Czech subsidiary of Microsoft, previously he worked at EMC and Madison Public Affairs.

Tereza Šimečková

Tereza Šimečková has been involved in media and media research since 1991. Within AISA, she collaborated on the Media project and in the following years managed software support for working with data from media research. Within Median, she also supported the first programs for working with peoplemeter data for Taylor Nelson AGB Media Facts in 1997-1998. She also developed software for television viewing data as the director of Lerach, which she became in 1998. In 2001, she co-founded Mediaresearch, which has been implementing a peoplemeter project for the Association of Television Organizations (ATO) since 2002. She managed to expand the company's operations to other areas, especially advertising monitoring and research of other media.

Pavel Hacker

He has been active in digital marketing since 2001. He worked in agencies (Mather) Advertures, Havas Prague and BrandzFriendz, where he dealt with various new forms of marketing communication such as viral, affiliate and performance marketing. Since 2007, most of his work was connected with the use of social media. He also lectures on this topic at the FSV UK in Prague. In 2014, Pavel moved to Thailand for six years, where he co-founded, managed and subsequently sold a content-oriented digital agency, Bamboo Labs. Since January 2020, he has been driving livesport brands from Prague. This purely Czech technology company is one of the world's leading sports information providers, whose application more than 90 million fans downloaded on mobile devices. At the Brand Management 2021 conference, he presents and moderates the block "What only marketing can do" and participates in a panel discussion.

Eva Kozarová

She is dedicated to building brands in a luxury segment of handmade crystal. He has been in charge of the Czech globally successful brand Bomma, which produces design luminaires, for more than six years. Since 2017, she has also been Marketing Director of the traditional glass brand Rückl, focusing on the production of hand-cut beverage sets, tableware and decorative items. Together with her team, she successfully carried out a complete rebranding of Rückl, which very quickly established a strong position mainly on the Czech market. Under her leadership, Bomma has become one of the main players in the current global luxury design lighting market. As a Marketing Director of both brands, she is actively engaged in building and implementing brand strategy, their communication, as well as the development of new products and foreign brand expansion.

Jaro Zacko

Creative co-founder of TRIAD Advertising and marketing consultant at Pros & Cons. He works for TRIAD and other companies - Kontentino, Brackets, Deník Postoj. In addition, he is launching a project for a new Libellus school. Although he still looks young, he has been in marketing for more than 15 years.

Štefan Sarvaš 

Štefan has been working for 14 years in various regional and global positions for Mars, one of the largest food companies in the world. Its domain is Consumer & Market Insights, knowledge about consumers and markets applicable to business. From London, he conducted research for the Pedigree, Whiskas and Royal Canin brands. Since 2017, he has been conducting research for confectionery brands such as Snickers, Mars, Orbit and M&M's from the company's global headquarters in Chicago. He is currently a member of an internal consulting group focused on the Growth Legacy Strategic Program, a joint initiative of Mars Wrigley and the Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science focused on strategic change in markets with growth potential. He started in the 1990s as a sociologist in Prague at the Ministry of Defense.

In his presentation for the Brand Management Event, he will focus on the topic “Davids vs Goliaths: Myths and realities about small brands”. Everybody loves puppies, and small brands! What is the growth potential of small vs big brands? How can small brands become big? Who are the winners of COVID times and why?

Tomáš Křivda

Operations Director, AC Sparta Praha fotbal is an example of marketer who has made it to the top management. He will show you what to do, when you suddenly lose all customer data.

Martin Mrva

He came to Dedoles in 2013 as one of the first employees, from the beginning he was responsible for marketing. He has built a 40-member marketing team, with which he has managed to expand to 20 European countries and will reach 3 million customers this year. He specializes in performance marketing and strives to apply the latest scientific knowledge in the field of marketing in practice. Dedoles focuses on the production and sale of original clothing. In the spring of 2020, the company became widely known for its advertising campaigns with dancing hamsters.

Lenka Houšková

For almost five years he has been working as a product manager for the Vichy brand on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian markets. In that time, it has brought to life many important projects that combined the strategy of a successful cosmetics brand and the pharmaceutical world.

Antonín Milata

He serves as CEO of Renegadz agency. He was at the launch of the legendary music website Bandzone.cz, helped discover and kick-start the careers of artists such as Charlie Straight, Adam Mišík, Voxel, Pokáč, Sebastian, Xindl X and many others, and managed a new business at Supraphon and Sony Music. He spent three years in Los Angeles, where he owns a management agency that connects film and TV talents from Eastern Europe with the world's largest showbusiness agencies and helps them with their international careers. He now works in Prague, where, in addition to managing the largest Czech music booking agency Redhead Music, he together with the advertising agency McCann Prague founded the company Renegadz, which deals with branded entertaiment – the interconnection of brands and show business. Renegadz creates local and international projects for Vodafone, Mastercard, L'oreal, Porsche and Coca-Cola brands.

Michal Škoda

Michal studied economics, but fell in love with beer and started to work in marketing for Pilsner Prazdroj. Thanks to the Project The Choice of Brewers, he found out that he would like to run a microbrewery one day. In the meantime, he also took a course at the University of Technology on brewing and malting technology, and for several years he brewed beer at home. He is currently the director of the Proud Brewery.

Roman Trzaskalik

He has been Marketing Director of Pilsen Prazdroj since 2018. Prior to that, he worked at Danone, where from 2006 he held the position of Director and Vice President of Marketing in Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Morocco. With Danone he has connected most of his professional life, after graduating in economics from the Technical University of Ostrava. First he started as a sales representative, then moved to Opavia marketing. His professional career then led to top management positions in Danone mother company. Roman is a fan of teamwork, his goal is to support individual members of Prazdroj marketing. From his position, he focuses on innovation and innovative communication for the further development of Prazdroj categories and brands.

Jan Matoušek

He graduated from Masaryk University in Brno. Since 2008, he has worked as Deputy Executive Director of the Czech Banking Association. Since August 2015, he has held the position of Executive Director of the Czech Association of Insurance Companies and Managing Director of SUPIN, which is a service organization of ČAP and ČKP. Since July 2016, he works as Executive Director of the ČKP.

Andrej Štuk

As a new creative director he brought with him to Marketup 20 years of experience in marketing and content creation. For the past five years, he has been a head of creative at C3 Creative Code and Content, where he has looked after clients such as Škoda Auto and Eset. Prior to that, he worked at Outbreak and led the creative team of Mark BBDO for thirteen years. He has won dozens of awards from many competitions such as Epica, Clio and Golden Drum. He is also the author of documentary films with a social theme. In 2018, for example, he won an award in Czech Press Photo with the work Three Friends about young working refugees from Syria in a Jordanian refugee camp, together with his wife, acclaimed photographer and reporter Jarmila Štuk.