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Tomáš Ptáček

Brown-Forman CR

American producer of spirits and wines Brown-Forman is one of the companies that improve their marketing together with scientists at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. The Czech branch of the company has been implementing this global approach in the last two years. Tomáš Ptáček as a Head of Marketing is a great promoter of building physical and mental availibility of brands. With a clear focus on penetration, broad marketing activities and emotions in communicating, the key brands Jack Daniel's and Finlandia are growing significantly. He will share his way towards evidence based marketing with the conference participants – including the ups and downs.

“Just a few years ago, a typical consumer of Jack Daniel's was a biker or country-style man. We managed to leave this niche and build a mass trend. Thanks to the launch of Jack Daniel's Honey we addressed more young people and women,” says Tomáš Ptáček. Prior to his current engagement he was working for trade marketing at Wrigley. He joined Brown Forman in 2012 and was responsible for trade marketing in both off-trade and HeReCa channels. In 2018, he became a Marketing Director and he leads an eleven-headed team focusing strongly on the Laws of Growth by Byron Sharp and Jenni Romaniuk.