Petr chladek

Petr Chládek

Jihomoravské inovační centrum

Since 2017 he has been leading the South Moravian Innovation Center (JIC), where his colleagues and him support people in creating and developing companies that change the world. Approximately one hundred companies use JIC services every year. These include, Sewio, Phonexia and others. Petr Chládek dealt with the area of regional innovation systems and regional policy already during his studies. Under his leadership, the third and fourth generations of the regional innovation strategy have emerged, the results of which are the creation and opening of VIDA! science centre, prototyping laboratories FabLab Brno or a number of projects linking research and private sphere in South Moravia. Petr focused on innovation systems even at university and as a manager of the Regional Innovation Strategy of South Moravian Region (RIS SMR). Without exaggerating Petr has been the driving force behind inovation strategy of the South Moravian region for the past ten years.

At the Brand Management conference he is going to talk about the role of a brand in the startup world. He also mentions his organization's own path to a clearer brand. In 2018, JIC went through rebranding, responding to the need for an umbrella brand for an increasing number of projects. The aim was also to raise awareness of what JIC is all about and how it can help businesses and individuals. The rebranding resulted, among other things, in establishing brand management as an internal process that connects marketing and communications, services, HR and management. A Brand Manager is a guardian of a brand in the broadest sense of the word and a partner for discussion across teams. It is important to realize that this is a long-term, continuous work, not a time-limited project, Petr says.