Program of Brand Management 2021

To kickstart marketing you need a lot of inspiration. That´s why we are bringing you a program full of great minds! 

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    Part A: Don’t let them cut you!

    Moderated by

    Jan PateraPartnerBlue Events

    Why inspiring brands grow more quickly

    Bronislav Kvasnička, CEO, Wunderman Thompson Praha

    Which brand appeals more to its customers - Shell or Mol? Lidl or Globus? Bernard or Gambrinus? Inspirational brands are more resistant to competition tactics. They have fewer defectors. Customers are even willing to pay extra for more inspiring brands. More inspiring brands are also growing faster. We will reveal the relationship between inspiration and growth and show the most inspiring brands in the Czech Republic.

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    Why to swim against the tide

    Martin Dulava, Creative Director and co-owner, Lineart

    David Vejtruba, Marketing Director, Savencia ČR/SR

    What does the cheese revolution look like? This is a current story of how Apetito, the leader of processed cheeses, changes the rules of the game. We will demonstrate the introduction of a change in the traditional category, the end of "blue" interchangeability and the strengthening of distinctiveness across all communication channels. The brand has also entered into new unexplored cheese categories and segments.

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    Marketers, Start Your Engines!


    As organisations emerge, slightly battered, from the pandemic, it’s up to marketers to take pole position and seize a turbo-charged opportunity for growth. Consumers in their millions are eager to live life to the full, spending cash on whatever they missed the most during lock-down and, with interest rates at such low levels, it’s the perfect time for companies to crank up their investment in marketing and reap the rewards. So, marketers, start your engines. It’s time to fuel up, get back on the starting grid and get off to a flying start! In his keynote, Dan White will use his trademark illustrations and entertaining style to highlight the big marketing opportunity and provide inspiration and guidance for anyone who is up for the race.

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    Panel discussion: How to Kickstart Czech Marketing

    Marek Dvořák, Chief Marketing Officer, Alza
    Vladimír Komjati, Head of Communication, Air Bank
    Tereza Šimečková, Chairman of the Board, Nielsen Admosphere
    Pavel Hacker, Brand Manager, Livesport

    How much did the covid cost cutting hit marketing? How are media and non-media investments in marketing developing? What exactly can companies, resp. colleagues in the audience do to restart marketing in the sense of 4P? How to defend your investments in marketing internally (ie not only in communication, but also in the development of new products and distribution channels) or how not to be cut from the budget? How did your company behave during the crisis? Did it go against the flow and have you invested more in marketing in the past year? How did you manage to succeed in the company? How do you think you can kickstart marketing today? What would you recommend to colleagues, what worked and what did not work when communicating with other departments.

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    Part B: Dare to grow

    Moderated by

    Jan PateraPartnerBlue Events

    From Small to Big

    Štefan Sarvaš, Director Growth Legacy, Mars

    We all love puppies ... and small nice brands. What is the potential of these brands to grow compared to established ones? How can small brands become big? And which of them is winning the covid crisis?

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    How to build a brand that 9 out of 10 people in Slovakia is familiar with

    Martin Mrva, Chief Marketing Officer, Dedoles

    How Dedoles grew from a small e-shop to a 50million EUR brand in just eight years. When is the right time to move from performance to brand campaigns, how to expand the marketing mix and how to evaluate campaigns. Why the first Dedoles' TV campaign didn't work? How and why they chose the concept with hamsters and how they are now helping to build a brand in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

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    Why it pays off to rejuvenate a traditional brand

    Eva Kozarová, Marketing Director, Rückl & Bomma

    How to build on the three-hundred-year history of the Rückl family glassworks and at the same time address the current customer? How to get top cut crystal from showcases in living rooms and souvenir shops back into everyday lifestyle? And why is it worth approaching a traditional brand and product differently - in the style of classy punk?

    Humor helps to talk about taboo topics

    Lenka Houšková, Product Manager Vichy CZ/HU/SK, L'Oréal

    Antonín Milata, CEO, Renegadz

    This year, the Vichy brand, along with Renegadz, launched a new awareness-raising podcast called Menopause, Not a Pause. It opens up a topic that has been taboo for many women (and men) for years. We will show you how important it is to be bold and talk about difficult issues openly and with humor.

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    Why a market leader supports craft breweries and built on on its own

    Michal Škoda, Director, Pivovar Proud

    Roman Trzaskalik, Marketing Director, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Plzeňský Prazdroj

    Is it the courage for a better future or a simple madness to work with microbreweries? Why Prazdroj runs a mini-brewery and what does they expect from it? How such an idea was born and approved? How to ensure that the courage of people from a microbrewery is not killed by a corporate culture?

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    Part C: What only marketing can do

    How to defend your marketing budget and what to do when they cut it for you

    Jaro Zacko, Co-Author of Budget Cut and founder of Triad agency

    Did the "budget cut" affect you like most other marketers? Like the best, it can make you stronger in the end. The presentation summarizes the findings from the first book on marketing budgets in our market. You will learn the answers to the questions: How to defend your marketing budget? What to do if they cut it for you? How to use budget cut creatively? Look forward to case studies of how top marketers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia reacted in such situations.

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    What to do when all customer data are suddenly gone

    Tomáš Křivda, Chief Operating Officer, AC Sparta Praha fotbal

    Seven years without a title and yet Sparta is growing. Why? Because in May 2018, we decided to delete all contact databases and start from scratch. Again and better. Sports and data go hand in hand. Sports marketing and data as well. That's why Sparta developed Sparta iD, a digital ecosystem that brought the club to its fans. They are no longer anonymous and Sparta can communicate directly with them. And its business partners as well.

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    Slow down before its too late

    Jan Matoušek, CEO, Česká asociace pojišťoven

    Aleš Brichta, Creative Director, McCann Prague

    Is it possible to change the established habits on Czech roads and in Czech marketing at the same time? How to create a 90-minute ad break at the national television? Why time a better topic than speed? And how to get from a regular brief to HBO? The co-producer and creator of the „Slow down until it´s really too late“ campaign will talk about courage, vision and cooperation with the filmmaker Vít Klusák on the documentary 13 MINUTES.

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    When data turn into stories

    Andrej Štuk, Chief Creative Officer, Marketup

    To better understand the world around us, such as our customers, data is not enough for us, we also need stories. Would you believe that marketing can be inspired by war journalism? Andrej Štuk, who has been working in marketing for over 20 years and is also involved in journalism, will convince you of that. In one field he is an award-winning creative director, in the other a cameraman in war-torn countries such as Syria and Afghanistan.

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