Brand Management 2022

CZech In: First Class Marketing!

Program October 19, 2022

Simultaneous interpretation from/to English will be provided throughout the day.

Conference moderator: Jan Patera, Partner, Blue Events

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Part A

Czech Way? A lot of brand for little money

Michal Novák, Creative & Marketing Director, Czech Promotion
Milan Drozen, CEO, Head of Effectiveness, Czech Promotion

If you have the budget of a multinational corporation, you can hit the target group so massively that you don't have to worry about anything else. But the less money you have, the more effort you have to put in – both creatively and in media planning. We will show you how we managed to dramatically increase the salience of brands such as CityZen, Atmoskop, Bikero or Carvago, which did not have "megabucks for TV" and thus needed "a lot of music for little money" as we use to say in Czech. That's why we went about it in a different way. We can easily call it the Czech Way...

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The Great Unboxing

Leonard Savage, Chief Creative Officer, McCann Prague

A friendly and frank conversation about going beyond the limitations of the Czech market and aspiring to more extraordinary work and careers.

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KEYNOTE: Look out. How to build a brand in a technologically-disrupted world.

Orlando Wood, ​Chief Innovation Officer, System1 Group

In this keynote Orlando will describe the nature of attention and why this is important for any advertiser trying to build a brand. He will describe how our attention can narrow following periods of technological disruption and how this narrowing of attention – and its associated habits of thinking – can be seen in advertising and culture today. Using attention, emotion and business effectiveness data, he will show how this kind of ‘narrow-beam’ advertising, far from drawing people in, pushes audiences away. In a world where brand-building advertising will become more important, not less, Orlando will describe how advertisers might instead capture the ‘broad-beam’ attention of audiences. To build a brand, he concludes, advertisers must broaden their attentional plane – they must look out.

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Transparent and sustainable marketing. Who cares?

Thomas A. Bata, CEO & Founder, MGG

Our world is increasingly being impacted by the effects that humans are having on it. As such, young consumers and older ones alike are becoming much more conscious about how and what they consume. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers as consumers become more demanding, yet also face other constraints such as cost as well as a lack of real expertise in the subject. Furthermore, consumers have been put off by the perceived greenwashing that has become pervasive in marketing. Should companies focus on communicating sustainability and transparency? What do consumers really want? And can brands really afford to miss out on this potentially monumental shift on consumer behaviour?

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The last missing piece of the data puzzle

Marek Řípa, Brand Manager, Seznam

It is no longer enough to know a Czech user only from the point of view of online data. We will present the results of a unique research on what internet users in the Czech Republic really look like and how they make decissions. You will find out how strong a role brand trust plays and whether companies and users are ready for changes (not only) in the online environment. In times of globalization, is it advantageous to be a Czech brand, or rather the other way around?

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Marketing for the long of it

Jan Tušl, Member of the Board of Directors, Vekra

How do you make customers aware of the higher quality of your product and willing to pay a higher price? How to achieve this a product, that is not chosen in a spontaneous way, neither serves as a status symbol? Jan Tušl will share the best practice from the Vekra brand. He is responsible for marketing, as well as for finance and sales. In recent years, this market leader has been trying to build awareness of the brand and its positive associations – beeing high-quality and trustworthy partner. At the same time, it maintains growth in a declining market. Marketing in Vekra serves as a tool to present complex services and the corresponding price in various communication channels, from television to new showrooms.

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How to show Czechs how to drink not just beer

Alexandros Samaras, Partner, F.H. Prager

What is life like for a non-beer drinker in a country that has beer at the level of national wealth? What is it like to build a brand in a product category that is often considered an alternative to beer? We are talking about ciders, which, although they do not have a very extensive history in our countries, have a rightful place on our market – both as a consumption opportunity and as a basic raw material. But does the concept of small craft cider production fit into the processes of a large beverage company?

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Building the first Czech global brand in the premium segment

Klára Poliakov, Marketing Director, Lasvit

The mission of LASVIT's marketing team is to build a brand based on values such as authenticity, experience and sustainable business growth. In her presentation, Klára Poliakov will focus on how, under her leadership, LASVIT redefines the term "luxury" and how this company plans to become the first Czech brand with global success in the premium segment.

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Only Once

Aleš Najbrt, Founder & Creative Director, Studio Najbrt

How have brands and their visual styles developed in the Czech Republic over the past 30 years? Is the presentation of Czech companies and institutions gradually changing in the right direction? Aleš Najbrt will present several changes of visual identity, which Studio Najbrt has worked on in recent years.

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Creativity is dead. Long live creativity!

Gregg Harper, Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson

Modern marketing cannot do without technology. We've moved from posters to stories, personalization is a must and artificial intelligence is a hot trend. In today's connected world full of disruptive technologies, brands must move at the speed of light. In the Czech Republic, we adapt new technologies first-class and have golden brains and hands. But it's not just about the Czechs, it's also about Prague as a cosmopolitan place where creativity meets technology. When does technology support creativity, and when does it stifle it? Why can't a good and functional creative work without new technologies? And what role does the Czechia play in this?

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How to manage a brand in the fast-changing e-commerce era

Adriana Jurdová, CMO, Footshop

The pandemic and the drop in demand, the subsequent boom in e-commerce and problems in production and storage, war, inflation and many other factors make today's time literally unpredictable. These fast times force marketers to get out of the bubble we often find ourselves in and come back down to earth, observe changes, trends, predictions and adapt. And most importantly, to act quickly in terms of unit economy, product range, company size and marketing strategy. Footshop experienced one of the most difficult periods of the company, which they managed to overcome. How did they do it?

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Attention Planning: Aren't you wasting money on ads that no one sees?

Eduard Krečmar, Strategist, Publicis Groupe
Lukáš Jakoubek, Business Director, Publicis Groupe

Czechia is a small market and it used to take years for technological innovations from the most advanced countries to reach us. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, and even in our conditions today, we can make campaigns at a top level. Also because, from tens of thousands of online advertising spaces, we can choose the ones that really work. How to do it? The differences in their quality are huge and measuring technical visibility is not enough. The key to success is to identify areas that people actually pay attention to.

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How to sell the „Czech gold“ abroad

Zuzana Dudová, Global Brand Marketing Manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj

Czechs and beer are inextricably linked. But it's not just that we have the world's largest beer consumption per capita, but the entire beer culture we've created around beer. But Belgians, Germans, etc. think exactly the same thing about themselves. So how to bring to the world not only the excellent taste of Czech beers, but a full experience so that people shares our passion for the brands such as Pilsner Urquell and Velkopopovický Kozel? Because Czech beer is simply the best!

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The presentations are over: Did you miss something?

Marek Hrkal, Founder, odprezentuj

You may get distracted by emails or networking during the conference and miss some of the key ideas. It doesn't matter, you can fix it at the very end. Marek Hrkal accepted our challenge and offers you a presentation about presentations. In the last presentation, he will try to summarize the most important ideas from the whole conference. He will prepareIt a presentation in real time with his colleagues and shows how in his agency odprezentuj they can deal with a flood of information even under time pressure, select the essentials from them and assemble everything into a meaningful whole. It won't be just a repetition! Marek adds some tips that will make you shine in your own presentations.

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